Saturday, 21 November 2015

It doesn't seem like six months since I've been around this place


I did actually manage to knock out some content in the interim - my passion for this goes up and down depending on how badly work is kick my arse, and at times recently it's not been easy to sit down.

So you lucky people have not one, not two, but three hours of music coming your way.

Tonight there will be a show on Spiritplants radio tonight at 12:30am, and a follow up the next day at 2:30pm. It's a decnt place- they are playing Bill Hick's Arizona Bay album at 9:30, and that's always good for a sensible chuckle!

If you don't fancy the fresh, then I've a couple of shows to be thawed out from the deep freeze for your listening pleasure

I especially like the second one, if i do say so myself. Gute horen!

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