Sunday, 3 November 2013



after some gentle encouragement, I have decided to start updating this badboy again.

I mostly stopped because I'm a cheap bastard and my medium for sharing the podcasts I create wanted money from me to store them. The sullen cheek of those capitalist scum.

Anyway, I've got a plan B which involves using Mixcloud and DropBox to WIN! The great thing about Mixcloud (as you can see from the player below) is that it will actually break down the podcast into listenable chunks for you so that you can actually see what you are listening and skip bits you don't like. DA FUTURES and stuff.

Or straight download

I'd also like to remind you that these are hosted and broadcast on so you might want to swing by there. There's loads of other DJ's hosted there (on the archive that they have) - I can't say I'm particularly familiar with their work but if you're bored of cutting edge dance mixes by todays hottest aritsts at the boiler room it's somewhere else to look.

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