Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sorry for the hiatus

Hello everybody.

Well after what seems like some six weeks since I psoted the last one, I've finally completed the second of these podcasts. It would have been out last week but we ballsed up the recording.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed me using the pronoun "we". That's because for the next few podcasts as least, you're going to be on double bubble, as it were. For this musical extravaganze, I've enlisted the musical talents of the Sunday Pope himself, my friend Tristan. I might stick a photo up at some point so you can look at his beard and hat.

My aim with this is to recruit friends, Romans and countrymen to record half the podcast with me - there will be a two hour format. I do an hour, you do an hour, and fortune and glory will await us both.

(We haven't completely ironed out the technical problems that come with using a shitty mic, but everything you need to hear can be heard.)

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  1. Yes son! Tristan aka Dellamorte here - Was a great pleasure to do the podcast - If you can stick a link up to I will cross post also.